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GS1 Singapore Healthcare Forum Webinar 2021

Venue: NA
Date: 02 December 2021
Time: 2.00pm~5.30pm
Closing Date: 01 December 2021

Securing Trust in the Healthcare Supply Chain
GS1 Singapore HCF 2021

Synopsis for Healthcare Forum

Securing trust in the healthcare supply chain is more important than ever as the current COVID-19 pandemic accelerated preexisting issues in the healthcare supply chain and brought priorities such as visibility, resilience, and digitisation to the fore.

The impact on healthcare quality, clinical practice, organization performance, and patient outcomes based on product shortages has become more apparent.
1 Multiple national lockdowns have posed disruptions to the supply chain where several pharmaceutical and medical device companies are not able to meet the demand of the market due to a shortage of raw ingredients and human resources. Hospitals also faced unprecedented challenges with acute shortages of supplies such as gloves and ventilators at the height of the pandemic. Thus, it is imperative to have a robust traceability system in the healthcare supply chain to better manage inventory, reduce opportunities for human error and increase patient safety.

At this juncture, counterfeiters also take the opportunity to supply substandard medicines which not only compromise patients’ safety but also affecting consumer trust.
COVID-19 vaccines, associated medical devices, and consumables present an urgent need for a protected supply chain and a system of traceability build around globally identified products.To further improve visibility in the healthcare supply chain, healthcare stakeholders also need to invest in supply chain technologies like RFID, data analytics, and anti-counterfeit solution to adequately provide trusted healthcare products to consumers.

Agenda for Healthcare Forum 2021*All times shown in the programme below are in Singapore Time (SGT)



2:00PM to 2:05PM

Opening Address

By GS1 Singapore

2:05PM to 2:30PM

Trust in LifeSciences: A driver of success, supported by standards. Lessons from pandemic vaccines and beyond

By Hanno Ronte, Monitor Deloitte

2:30PM to 2:55PM

Enabling standardisation in the clinical trial supply chain


GS1 has worked with industry to develop a comprehensive suite of standards applicable to clinical trials and these are being implemented by leading clinical trials organisations. The driver for this work has been industry’s awareness that one of the ways to ensure accuracy across the clinical trials supply chain is to use globally unique identification of investigational product kits and their components, encode these identifiers in barcodes, scan those barcodes at every point in the supply chain and share consistently formatted business information between trading partners. 

By Tania Snioch, GS1 Global

     2:55PM to 3:20PM

Embarking on digital transformation in hospital supply chain by using GS1 Standards from optimising procurement to enhancing patient safety


Hospital leaders have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the supply chain to protect patients and caregivers from unstable, contaminated, defective and counterfeit medical devices, supplies and pharmaceuticals. To address this issue, it is strongly recommended that hospitals adopt the GS1 standards such as the unique device identification (UDI) and the global trade item number (GTIN), to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.

By Lawrence Koh, Health Management International

     3:20PM to 3:45PM

Building a trusted brand by actively protecting your products from counterfeits


Due to the difficulty of detection, counterfeiters have been able to produce increasing quantities of counterfeit or substandard drugs. Mr. Mervin Toh sheds light on this growing public health problem and discusses the need for a solution to help protect patients from these inevitably harmful fakes.

By Mervin Toh, Office Productivity Solutions 

     3:45PM to 3:50PM
Virtual Break

     3:50PM to 4:15PM

Innovative healthcare labeling solution to meet different needs


There is rising implementation of RFID in healthcare industry for improving traceability, streamlining the movement of products in both hospitals and supplier’s warehouses in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industry.

By Gabriel Ding, Sato Asia Pacific 

     4:15PM to 4:40PM

Sharing experience of clinical UDI applications with smart medical management system relying on GS1 standards


Dr. Huang will share the journey on increasing patient safety and efficiency in KAFGH through traceability of implanted medical devices to patients.

By Dr. Shih-Chung Huang, Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital (KAFGH), Taiwan

     4:40PM to 5:05PM

Implementing UDI barcode and RFID scanning in a healthcare institution to improve supply chain efficiency and patient safety


Dr. Kengo will give an overview on medical supply chain in Japan and adoption of UDI and RFID which bring benefit to stakeholders including hospitals, manufacturers and wholesalers.

By Dr. Kengo Miyo, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

     5:05PM to 5:30PM

Latest Trends in Pharmaceutical Labelling in Asia


Rie Matsui will share the latest regulations and practices for the labeling across Asia. Also, she will also give the landscape for new initiative “electronic labeling” in Asia

By Rie Matsui, Pfizer Japan



*Please note that the programme is subject to change.

Industry Speakers
Industry Speakers at GS1 Singapore Healthcare Forum

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Why attend?

  • Learn how to build a trusted and resilience healthcare supply chain through adoption of global standards
  • Hear from hospitals in implementing UDIs to improve supply chain efficiency and patient safety
  • Get insights on latest regulations and practices for healthcare labeling across Asia
  • Discover how emerging technologies can digitalise your healthcare business and enhance your supply chain efficiency
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends on healthcare landscape

Who should attend?

This is a webinar not to be missed for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, wholesalers, regulators, healthcare providers and/or supply chain practitioners in the healthcare industry.

[1] Vulnerability of the medical product supply chain: the wake-up call of COVID-19: (accessed September 2021)
[2] Coronavirus fuels a surge in fake medicines: (accessed September2021)
[3] Securing trust in the global COVID-19 supply chain: (accessed September 2021)

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2:00PM to 2.05PM



Opening Address

By GS1 Singapore



2:05PM to 2.30PM


Securing trust in the global supply chain 


By Hanno Ronte, Deloitte


2:30PM to 2.55PM

Enabling standardisation in the clinical trial supply chain 


By Tania Snioch, GS1 Global


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