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GS1 Singapore is now Activate-Grade certified

GS1 Singapore is now Activate-Grade certified

GS1 Singapore is now Activate-grade certified

GS1 Singapore members have been able to manage their Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) issuance through weCATALOG (formerly known as NEPC) for a while now. Today, weCATALOG has attained higher level of excellence by achieving Activate-Grade certification.

What is Activate-Grade certification?

• A certification that ensures the key issuance service (weCATALOG) complies strictly to GS1 Standards

• Enable members to share core product attributes in higher level of data quality - completeness, consistency, accurate and timeliness

What does the Activate-Grade certification mean to our members?

• Issue GTINs easily in accordance with GS1 Standards

• Help members to manage GTINs and core product attributes in accordance to GS1 Standards

• Allow members to publish and share core product attributes (and licenses) into the GS1 Global Registry Platform, as required by Verified by GS1. 

With the certification, GS1 Singapore is now connecting to GS1 Global Registry Platform and ready to embark on Verified by GS1 initiative, where brand owners are able to share their core product attributes with global retailers, marketplaces and solution partners.

Verified by GS1 is a global solution that enables GS1 members to verify the identity of a product by querying the GS1 Global Registry Platform. Verified by GS1 is like an ID card containing key attributes of a product which will be stored in a single, trusted, database of information hosted by GS1 Global Registry Platform and will be easily accessible to retailers, globally.

GS1 Registry Platform


Therefore, the Activate-Grade certification is an important achievement for GS1 Singapore to roll-out Verified by GS1 initiative to ensure better data accuracy and enable global commerce for all members and trading partners. Stay connected with us and look out for future announcements on the latest development of Verified by GS1.

Get started with us today by using weCATALOG to manage your GTINs.

If you need help to upload your product attributes into weCATALOG, please contact us at 96828285 or email to to find out more.



GS1 Singapore is now Activate-Grade certified