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Why Join GS1 Membership?

Why Join GS1 Singapore?

Benefits to Registered User

As a registered user member of GS1 Singapore, you will enjoy the following services and benefits:

  • Immediate allocation of GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) for your company for the purpose of generating full sets of GS1 bar code numbers for your products; including allocation of Global Location Number (GLN) for identification of your company’s physical location.

  • Membership starter kit to assist you to have a better understanding of GS1 article number system and its usage.

  • Technical advice on numbering and symbol marking matters which include bar code and EPC/RFID related applications.

  • Access to weCATALOG, a secured members’ portal for easy management of your product listings and allocation of bar codes to your products.

  • Assignment of Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) to support the use of RFID implementation in your supply chain. For more details, visit EPCglobal information page.

  • Call-for-collaboration (CFC) initiative programme to assist companies with pilot project implementation based on GS1 standards of system.

  • Introduction to available funding schemes for project implementation.

  • Opportunity to participate in GS1 Solution Partner Programme (SPP). Terms & Conditions applies.

  • Discounted rate to attend GS1 organised events such as workshops, seminars, forums and conferences.

  • Affiliate membership in Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), which provides for discounted rate when participating in SMF organized activities such as seminars, conferences, trade exhibitions and trade missions.

Benefits to Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you could utilised the GS1 number allocated to you by GS1 Singapore to derive the following benefits: 

  • Market your products to local retailers and export to overseas market whereby retailers had computerised their operations in using Bar-Code to enhance their competitiveness and productivity.

  • Capture immediate sales information at the point-of-sale to schedule accurate production and stocks. Therefore, stocks can be reduced to the most economic levels without the risk of running out and savings will result with reduction in buffer stocks and warehousing space.

  • Accurate and fast assessment of the sales success or failure of new products and product promotions.

  • Utilise symbol marking for internal operations, eg. inventory control, warehouse management, order taking, goods despatch.

Benefits to Retailers

As a retailer, you could utilise the GS1 number allocated to your suppliers by GS1 Singapore to drive the following benefits: 

  • Increase productivity from reductions of labour for item price marking and price changes; faster item price registration using the POS system; elimination of price checks for scanned items

  • Reduction in shrinkage

  • Decrease book keeping time as POS scanning systems provide the capacity to continuously record the activities of each individual checker. By tracing cash balances pick-ups; loans etc the frequency with which individual checkers must be balance out can be reduced.

  • Replacement of manual accounting systems by scanning system.