Get authorised GS1 Barcodes

Why use authorised GS1 Barcodes?

GS1 system is used by both manufacturers and retailers all over the world with the GS1 barcodes recording over 5 billion scans per day on a global scale. You can trust that GS1 barcode numbers issued by an authorised GS1 member organisation are unique, accurate, and based on current global standards.

In Singapore, GS1 Singapore has the sole mandate to administer the GS1 system and is the only authorised source for GS1 barcode numbers and standards.

Our Singapore numbering system

GS1 barcode numbers allocated to companies by GS1 Singapore begin with the prefix “888”. Only GS1 Singapore is authorised to provide GS1 barcode numbers with this prefix.

Beware of UNAUTHORISED numbering

Unauthorised barcode number sellers undermine the integrity of the GS1 system, create confusion in the market and disrupt the functioning of supply chains in Singapore and overseas.

Be aware that when you obtain your GS1 barcode numbers from an unauthorised source, you will incur massive unnecessary expenses on relabelling and repackaging of your products, when your products are rejected by your retailers due to unauthentic barcode numbers.

You will also run into the risk that the unauthorised barcode numbers provided to you are not unique against other numbers directly allocated by a GS1 organisation, which can have significant consequences within the supply chain, particularly in labelling and track and trace.

Get Only Authorised GS1 barcode numbers

You can ONLY get unique, authorised GS1 barcode numbers from any GS1 member organisation around the world. If you're in Singapore, you can get GS1 barcode numbers from GS1 Singapore.

GS1 Singapore provides GS1 standards and associated services - including GS1 Company Prefixes and GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs or barcode numbers) - to ensure that every GS1 barcode number in use around the world is unique.

To safeguard the proper use of GS1 barcodes, we continuously fight against the unauthorised use of barcodes such as the following:

  • Expired Barcodes:

    Former GS1 members continuing to use company prefixes issued by the GS1 organisation as GTINS;

  • Barcode Transfer:

    GS1 members either selling or transferring company prefixes to other companies or organisations as GTINS;

  • Counterfeit GS1 Barcodes:

    Any company or organisation using GS1 prefixes that is not issued by GS1, counterfeit GS1 prefixes or GS1 prefixes issued to other GS1 members;

  • Unauthorised GS1 Barcodes:

    Non-GS1 organisations issuing GS1 company prefixes to any company or organisations

  • Reuse GS1 Barcode :

    A GTIN allocated to a trade item is unique and SHALL NOT be reallocated to another trade item. This applies to ALL trade items, regardless of sectors


    GS1 Singapore has joined forces with 115 GS1 offices around the globe together with major sellers and buyers from Singapore and overseas to combat the unauthorised use of GS1 barcodes. We conduct regular market surveillance on trade items for verification and authenticity. Any organisation caught using unauthorised barcode numbers is subject to face legal actions from GS1.

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