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Explore the power of GS1 2D Barcodes: Boost your brand reputation and connect with your customers

Venue: Blk 750D Chai Chee Road #08-01, ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee (Lobby 1) Singapore 469004
Date: 29 May 2024
Time: 9.00am~11.30am
Closing Date: 27 May 2024

Join us in this seminar that delves into the forefront of retail innovation, anti-counterfeit strategies, and the pivotal role of GS1 2D barcodes in navigating industry challenges with confidence and competence!

  • Retailers, manufacturers, and supply chain professionals seeking to optimize operations through GS1 standards and barcode technologies.
  • Brand managers, quality assurance professionals, and regulatory compliance officers interested in anti-counterfeit measures and product authentication solutions.
In today’s retail landscape, the integration of GS1 2D barcodes and robust anti-counterfeit measures is paramount to ensuring product authenticity, supply chain transparency, and consumer trust. The challenges posed by counterfeit products further emphasize the critical need for innovative solutions and proactive strategies within the industry. This seminar aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of these interconnected themes, offering valuable insights and practical strategies for industry professionals.

GS1 2D Barcodes:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of GS1 standards, 2D barcode structures and GS1 Digital link.
  • Exploring the applications of GS1 2D barcodes in retail and healthcare environments
  • Case studies showcasing successful implementations and the resulting benefits for retailers and consumers alike.

Anti-Counterfeit Solutions:
Safeguarding Brand Integrity:

  • Identifying the evolving challenges posed by counterfeit products in various industries.
  • Overview of advanced anti-counterfeit technologies such clone proof capabilities, and their integration with GS1 standards and GS1 Digital Link.
  • Strategies for implementing robust anti-counterfeit measures, including authentication methods, serialization, and track-and-trace systems.
  • Unlock the potential of tailored marketing campaigns based on customer data, maximizing the impact of your messages and connecting with your customers.

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