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Datalogic PowerScan 9600 DPX Series – Pioneering Industrial Handheld Scanner for Direct Part Marking Traceability

January 30, 2024

As the world of manufacturing evolves, traceability has become a critical aspect of production processes across various industries, including automotive, electronics, and healthcare. The ability to track products at a granular level ensures safer products, continuous improvements, and faster issue resolution.

To address these needs, Datalogic is proud to introduce the PowerScan 9600 DPX series, an industrial handheld scanner designed to excel in Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. The new range of scanners offers several key features and benefits for businesses facing traceability challenges.

Product Features  Benefits for Customers 
Scan any kind of DPM code on any material

The PowerScan 9600 DPX is suitable for any application, supporting any kind of material: metal, glass, plastic, with all the most common technology for direct part marking, such as Laser Marking, Dot Peening, Inkjet Printing.
4D auto learning system
The PowerScan 9600 DPX series has an advanced system for automatic setup that will configure the acquisition parameters and the decoding algorithms without the need for manual setup of learning procedures ie easy setup and configuration. 

Very high-resolution codes for electronics

The scanner can support up to 4mils code resolution on 2D codes allowing the operators in the electronics industry to have a very good first pass even on the smallest electronic components. Reading barcodes standards coming from GS1 such as EAN/UPC, GS1 Data Matrix, GS1 Databar and GS1 QR code is effortless as well.

Ultra-rugged design and top-class sealing rate. The new PowerScan 9600 is designed to resist more than 50 drops at 2.5 m / 8.2 ft and is sealed to IP67 and IP65.

Reliable IT equipment improves a business’s daily operations and productivity and guarantees reliable long-term operations while protecting the end users’ investment.

Inductive, contactless charging technology.

Battery contacts and pins often get dirty, bent, or broken over time. Wireless charging technology removes a key point of failure in industrial functions.

Modular cradle design also allows interface extension.

The new modular architecture of the charging base allows the extension of communication interfaces like Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet. The base station without the interface plug-in and the communication modules are available separately to allow partners and distributors stock optimization.

With its rugged design, innovative technology, and modular approach, the PowerScan 9600 DPX series is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their traceability capabilities.

For more information about Datalogic’s latest PowerScan 9600 DPX, do contact us today.