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Kezzler Singapore joins GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Program (SPP)

August 4, 2023

With regional and local requirements for connected products, enterprise-grade support and data management, Kezzler is investing in the Asia region.  The Kezzler Connected Products Platform is already in use with products using Kezzler Digital IDs in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore. Already working closely with GS1 in the USA and Europe, Kezzler is now a Solutions Partner in Singapore.

The future of consumer engagement, regulatory compliance and value chain efficiency depends on being able to understand the full lifecycle of products and their component ingredients. For brand owners, unique digital product IDs will connect consumer demands with brand goals and ESG initiatives. But to make the most of what unique digital IDs and traceability offer, a universal language and set of standards need to underpin data sharing and accessibility throughout a product’s life, making data interoperable throughout the supply chain. This is where GS1 standards come in. GS1 standards are designed to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels. They form a business language that identifies, captures and shares key information about products, locations, assets and more.

Through the Kezzler Connected Products Platform, companies can digitize products to collect, structure and share secure, real-time value chain data at scale. This enables traceability throughout the product’s lifetime to achieve regulatory compliance, gain supply chain visibility, enable circular solutions and create dynamic end-user experiences.

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