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Next Generation PJM RFID Source Tagging Solution for the Medical Device Industry – LimaCorporate Case Study

December 5, 2022

Article Courtesy of SATO 

SATO, a global pioneer in the development of auto-ID and labeling solutions, has built an end-to-end supply chain solution for Italy-based orthopedic implant manufacturer LimaCorporate. The solution, comprising hardware, software and tags, centers around SATO’s next generation PJM RFID technology for source tagging of implantable products prior to both gas and radiation sterilization, enabling a new streamlined workflow not possible using barcodes or conventional RFID products.

LimaCorporate’s supply chain contains may touchpoints – picking products, shipping, receiving, returning after surgery, and restocks for unused products. Before implementing PJM RFID technology, each of these touchpoints was a very labour intensive and time consuming process of scanning every item one-by-one.  

Source tagging of implants with PJM RFID removes the need for retagging at various touchpoints, enabling faster inspections, reconciliation of kits and stock rotations, with end-to-end visibility from the factory to the operating room. Furthermore, source tagging with RFID can help meet medical device labelling reporting and identification, compliance requirements and bring quality control benefits of smart traceability and real-time post market surveillance.