RFID System for Inventory Count & Seamless Update to Inventory System

August 20, 2021

Tunity Technologies is Singapore’s No. 1 RFID company. We have deployed over 300 RFID projects for SMEs, MNCs, government ministries and statutory boards; sold over 20 million RFID tags and installed over 20,000 RFID readers. 

As we enter a “new normal” phase post Covid, despite disruptions due to lock down and safe distancing measures, we still need to continue seamless delivery, engaging personalised customer experiences across all channels – in-store, online and mobile -- and the flexibility to make changes quickly to adapt to changing needs, new trends and economic shifts.

Hence, to achieve all this, our RFID Solution will help to give every object its own identity, enhancing the speed of capturing data, hands-free data capturing, easy integration of data into any process, and real-time update of inventory records.

One tag is all it takes to connect the entire operation from the front end to the backend. These benefits of our solution, will help any business to achieve maximum business value and hence a completive advantage over the rest in these unprecedented times.