Data Systems International Holdings Pte Ltd

DSI is the Digital Supply Chain Platform™ company that provides Cloud Inventory® solutions and mobile-first supply chain apps for the digital economy. DSI enables digital transformation through mobile-first, customer-focused apps that optimize end-to-end visibility and execution across the extended supply chain. DSI data collection solutions allow our customers to comply with GS1 standards and leverage any GS1-compliant data carriers.
DSI is headquarted in Kansas City, MO, and has a 40-year history of providing best-in-class supply chain solutions to thousands of customers in 50 countries around the world. Our mission is to make customers successful as it relates to all things inventory in the digital economy. We continually immerse ourselves in customers’ business challenges, regardless of industry or specific supply chain needs. We create and deliver world-class technology solutions that enable DSI customers to boost productivity, achieve compliance, optimize inventory and improve revenue generation.


  • Barcode - Labels and Printing
  • Software - Warehouse Management System (WMS), Asset Management System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management System, Supply Chain Management System (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Product And Services

  • Cloud Inventory®: DSI’s Cloud Inventory provides a single point to manage inventory, streamline operations and gain global supply chain visibility.
  • Digital Supply Chain Platform™: Develop, deploy and manage mobile-first supply chain apps to increase visibility and productivity, both on and offline.
  • Field Inventory™: Achieve a chain of custody across your organization for real-time visibility into high-value assets outside of the warehouse.
  • Warehouse Management: Manage, view and control inventory as it travels through the supply chain—both inside and outside of the traditional four walls.
  • Data Collection: Easily gather and analyze data in real time to proactively optimize business processes and execute supply chain activities.



Leverage DSI's Supply Chain Platform as a Service™ (SCPaaS)™ and hundreds of standard, mobile-first supply chain apps to boost productivity where work happens on a platform that scales with your business as you grow. Easily install, configure and implement leveraging certified integrations to your ERP.


DSI’s Cloud Inventory Services provide a single point to manage inventory, streamline supply chain operations and gain global visibility. An Inventory System of Record is the one authoritative source for real-time, accurate information on all data elements pertaining to a company’s inventory. An Inventory SOR integrates automatically and bi-directionally with other systems to collect and disseminate inventory data and information.


DSI’s native-built, mobile-first apps extend your ERP instance with seamless workflow processes to create a single Inventory System of Record™.


Extending capabilities with hardware, printing platforms and insights to create an integrated supply chain process across the entire organization.

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