Product Information Upload

  1. Download Product Excel Template.
  2. Open the excel file and input your product information
  3. After you have inputted your product information in the excel, it is ready to be uploaded.
  4. If you have product images, please zip the image files along with the excel. Do not include the folder.
    • The file name of the image files must match those provided in the excel.
    • Only .zip file is allowed. Other compression formats are not allowed.
  5. You can download some examples here:

Product Fields

Excel Column Information
  • Not required for new membership registration.
*Brand Name
  • Mandatory
*Product Description
  • Mandatory
*Net Content
  • Mandatory
  • Enter numeric value. Decimal values are allowed. For example: 3.5
*Unit of Measure
  • Mandatory
  • Enter or select a value from the list. For example: Kilogram
*GPC Code
  • Mandatory
  • Enter the 8 digits GPC Code. For example: 10005769
  • If you need help identifying the GPC Code for your product, please use the following page
*Country(s) of sale
  • Mandatory
  • Enter the country/region name, or select it from the list
  • You may enter more than one country by separating them with a coma
  • If you need help selecting multiple countries, please use the following page
Publication Date
  • Optional. You may leave it blank to make it available immediately.
  • If you wish to publish it at a later date, enter the publication date in YYYY-MM-DD format. For example: 2020-01-15
Image 1-5
  • Enter the full image file name (include file extension). For example: product-image.jpg
  • The allowed image file types are: JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Each image file must be less than 800KB.
  • The image file(s) must be included in the zip file.