2012 News

7th GS1 Bar Code System Workshop

22 November 2012
– This workshop on GS1 Barcode System is a half day event designed for current and new Registered User of GS1 Singapore and those who wants to improve their knowledge on barcode management and standards. This workshop was attended by 12 companies, comprising of different sectors.


Mr Johnny Ang, Assistant Director, GS1 Singapore shared with participants the importance and needs for using the GS1 Global Standards especially in food traceability and recall. GS1 Registered User can tap on the wealth of available GS1 technical reference documents and best practices to help them learn from other GS1 users in implementing GS1 systems in different industries.  During the session, many case studies were shared and also provided the latest update on the on-going industries developments of standards around the world. 

Ms Joy Lee, Senior Executive, GS1 Singapore focused on basic identification and numbering system of GS1. Emphasis was put on how poor quality barcode affected business and areas to take note when printing barcodes. This workshop also incorporates interactive discussions and hands-on exercise for participants to work on some scenario related to assigning/generating different type of barcodes for different uses to them have better understanding on the topic. 

(Photo above) GS1 trainers engaged actively with participants during hands-on activities and discussion.

Some of the feedbacks from the participants:

“Simple and clear explanation on the basic identification and numbering system” by local Manufacturer

“Provides useful case studies which are highly applicable to real life situations” by ICT Provider

“Very detailed explanation covering on the bar code print quality (technical specifications)” by local Manufacturer

At the end of the workshop, participants have better understanding on what they need to know when implementing item numbering and barcodes onto their packaging and the important steps in ensuring only quality barcodes reach the market. 

(Article posted by Andy Siow)