9th GS1 Barcode System Workshop

9th GS1 Barcode System Workshop

27 March 2013 – The workshop on GS1 Barcode System was a half day event designed for current and new registered users of GS1 Singapore and those who were interested in improving their knowledge and expertise on barcode management and standards. It was attended by 26 Participants comprising of different sectors. 

Mr Johnny Ang, Assistant Director, GS1 Singapore shared with participants the importance and needs of using the GS1 Global Standards, particularly for food traceability and recall. GS1 Registered Users can tap on the wealth of available GS1 technical reference documents and best practices to aid their learning in implementing GS1systems in different industries.  


Ms Joy Lee, Senior Executive, GS1 Singapore focused on topics such as basic identification and numbering system of GS1. Emphasis was placed on how poor quality barcode affects business and areas to take note when printing barcodes.

The workshop also incorporated interactive discussions and product demo on barcode verification to enhance their understanding of barcode quality issues. 

(Photo above) GS1 trainers engaged actively with participants during hands-on activities and discussion.

At the end of the workshop, participants had a better understanding on the required knowledge in implementing item numbering and barcodes onto their packaging and the crucial steps in ensuring the standards for barcodes to enter the marketplace Most of the participants had commented that this workshop met their objective to better understand GS1 and the barcoding system. 

(Article posted by Andy Siow)