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Achieving Visibility & Interoperability in Transport & Logistics

GS1 Singapore organised an industry seminar theme “Achieving Visibility & Interoperability in Transport & Logistics” on 7 November 2013. More than 80 participants attended to learn about the implementation of GS1 system in the Transport & Logistics Industry.

A good turn-out of participants at the seminar

Mr. Liew Wai Leong, CEO, GS1 Singapore welcomed the participants and gave an introduction to GS1’s role In Transport and Logistic (T&L) industry.

”GS1 Singapore is working with our local community to improve the efficiency and visibility of Supply Chains. Deploying GS1 standards in the T&L sector has been shown to enhance collaboration, efficiency, visibility, and security, as well as generate measurable cost savings. Adopting GS1 standards boosts sustainability efforts as well, since improved efficiency and full trucks means reduced CO2 emissions,” said Mr. Liew 

Welcome remarks by Mr. Liew Wai Leong, CEO, GS1 Singapore

Currently, there are many stakeholders involved in a sales transaction. Transportation of goods plays a huge role in the transaction processes. To reduce the costs of complex supply chains, it is important for logistics service providers, freight transporters and their customers to know the status of the shipment at any point of time.

GS1 System is able to assist in optimising management and resources. The GS1 System of Standards enables real-time, end-to-end visibility over the entire supply chain. Companies can know exactly where items are at any point in time, where they have been before, and why.

GS1 provides a standardised way to identify items and locations, to capture details about supply chain movements, and to share that information with authorised business partners. Furthermore, the GS1 System of Standards is a neutral global framework that ensures interoperability among all stakeholders.

For the first part of the seminar, trainers from GS1 Global Office gave an introduction to GS1 Transport & Logistics. They presented an overview of the current trends and explained the implementation of GS1 system to suit the needs of various industry players.

Ms Audrey Kremer, Senior Manager, Transport & Logistics, GS1 Global Office

After a short networking and tea break, there was a panel discussion where industry experts shared their views and first-hand experiences on the common challenges faced by the stakeholders within the Transport & Logistics industry. The panellists comprised of Mr. Edwin Fong, Head, Logistics Services, SPRING Singapore, Mr. Ricky Loo, Deputy General Manager, OCWS Logistics Pte Ltd and Mr. Edwin Sia, Associate Director, Quintiles East Asia Pte Ltd. Mr. Patrik Jonasson moderated the discussion.

Insightful panel discussion

Mr. Patrick Chang, Chairman of GS1 celebrated with the team for a great success on the seminar

Participants enjoyed the seminar and many of them shared that they would be looking forward to future seminars organise by GS1 Singapore.

“The seminar is definitely beneficial for both of us. We are exploring business opportunities with our partners at Saudi Arabia. Information on custom clearance, the rules and regulations and end-users are well covered during the seminar. We would be looking forward to seminars on process flow logistics conducted by GS1,” Mr. Daniel Joseph, Operations Manager and Mr. Suresh s/o Baskaran, Warehouse Executive from YR Supply Chain.

“We came to find out more about GS1 Singapore’s role in APEC. We are interested to look into GS1 involvement in APEC and hear sentiments from the industry partners. We look forward to GS1 effort in collaboration with government bodies. This would benefit industry players and government bodies to have a better understanding of both parties,” shared Zoe Ang and Melissa Lim both Senior Officer from Policy & Promotion Quality & Standards, SPRING Singapore.

“My company provides solutions to logistic companies. It is a great opportunity to learn from the panel discussion and networking session. From the seminar, I am able to understand the requirements and thus gear up the necessary. I hope GS1 Singapore would organise a talk annually so there would be a follow-up on the developments,” said Mr. Low Heng Sun, Technical Sales Manager, Invengo International Pte. Ltd.