GS1 Singapore showcases unique solution to curb counterfeit certificates at The JobsCentral Career & Education Fair 2013

Certificate Visual Authentication at JCEF

24 – 25 August 2013 – The JobsCentral Career & Education Fair (JCEF) is the annual career and education event targeting white-collared professionals and students in Singapore. Continuously aiming to provide jobs and higher education opportunities to the general public, JCEF has become an important recruitment and branding platform for employers and schools. This year, the fair saw more than 50,000 visits and participation from over 100 premium employers from a wide range of industries and many further education institutions.

GS1 Singapore also participated in the fair to showcase the capabilities and benefits of the Certificate Visual Authentication (CVA) Service. Primarily targeted at high-value certificate issuers from Public and Private Educational Institutions, Certification Bodies, Approved Training Organisations and personnel from recruitment agencies and hiring companies, the CVA Service serves to protect the company or individual from potential fraud cases with the ease of visual authentication of certificates in real time.