Valuing your quality and gaining loyal customers with trustworthy products

Loyalty World Asia 12 - 14 September 2013 

Loyalty World Asia 2013 was held on 12 – 14 September 2013 at Suntec Convention Centre Singapore. The event showcased a range of activities that offered an excellent platform for networking and learning opportunities to improve business performance.

Loyalty World Asia 2013 is Asia’s largest and most influential gathering of marketers and business leaders. The event convenes key stakeholders in the loyalty ecosystem, presenting a unique regional platform for world-class solution providers to meet C-level decision makers, strategic CRM techniques that generate and maximise returns to be shared were also discussed.

With an increasingly discerning customer base in today’s highly complex marketplace, understanding customers becomes paramount to reduce customer churn and increase profitability.

Mr. Johnny Ang, Assistant Director, GS1 Singapore Ltd shared his experience in one of the boiler room sessions. He presented the topic “Valuing your quality and gaining loyal customers with trustworthy products”. He focused on food challenges that are faced globally. 

Mr. Johnny Ang, Assistant Director, GS1 Singapore Ltd


“The demand and expectation of customers are changing. Product trustworthiness is definitely more crucial to gain customer’s loyalty as compared to using the price strategy. The opening up of Free Trade Agreement in 2015 will further threaten the cost in manufacturing,” mentioned Johnny.

There is an increasing importance of delivering products that are safe to consume. Food assurance is the key to obtain loyal clientele base. Mr. Johnny Ang suggested Bar Coding on products which are essential when there is a recall of products. This provides clarity which protects the customers and businesses.

More than 20 participants attended the 30 minutes session. Participants came from various industries and shared that they have enjoyed the session. They gained a number of key learning points to improvise into their business strategies.

“It is an interesting session. I have a better understanding of the complexity of customers’ demand,” said Mr. Johan Berghs, Business Intelligence Senior Director, DHL Express Asia Pacific.

“The boiler sessions and fair are definitely beneficial. We are able to understand the need of customers and the future trends that we should take note,” shared Ms. Retno W. Handarisasi, Marketing Manager, Everbesindo Surya Jaya pt.