Increase Visibility and Efficiency through GS1 EPCglobal

Increase Visibility and Efficiency through GS1 EPC

GS1 Singapore organised the very first EPC global/RFID workshop on 30 April 2014. Moving forward, the GS1 EPC/RFID workshop will be conducted every quarter to assist companies in improving their business process through the use of EPC/RFID technology.

36 participants attended the first RFID workshop organised by GS1 Singapore

Issues on food safety are of concern to all businesses. Currently, most businesses understand that bar coding can be used to trace products. However, many lack the knowledge of RFID technology, which could be more efficient to manage and trace products. Due to the demand from the members, GS1 decided to organise a RFID workshop to serve the needs of the business community.

The workshop aims to introduce the participants the benefits of RFID technology and help increase traceability and operability in logistics and transport industry.

Mr. Liew Wai Leong, CEO of GS1 Singapore welcomed the participants and introduced the importance of standards

Mr. He Wei, Principal Research Engineer, A*Star sharing on EPCglobal

GS1 EPCglobal is a suite of RFID standards and services for increased visibility and efficiency throughout the supply chain and higher quality information flow between companies and their key trading partners.

EPCglobal offers an array of benefits in improving the business process. Some of the benefits after the adoption of EPCglobal include: increased logistics efficiency, increased production efficiency, improved real-time inventory management, reduced stocks reservation, reduced out-of-stock availability, improved traceability and quality assurance for customers and improved theft prevention.

The half-day workshop is ideal for businesses who wish to explore further in RFID project. During the workshop, participants were given an overview of the end to end RFID System, RFID applications and its benefits. GS1 partners and RFID solution provider also shared on case studies to allow greater understanding. The final speaker, Mr. Louis Wong from SME Centre@SMF shared with the participants on the various government grants companies can tap on for their RFID Projects. One of the schemes introduced is the enhanced ICV.

“I am currently working on a RFID project. I came to find out more on the advancement in technology for RFID and to look for ready products. The workshop is informative and I have grabbed useful knowledge of the EPCglobal. I look forward to the next RFID workshop,” shared Mr. George Yeo, Project Manager of Research and Service Innovation, National Library Board.

“I came to explore on the software and hardware components that could be useful in the RFID project I am currently embarking. The briefing shared by SME Centre on the government grants to tap on is useful,” said Ms. Agnes Lee, Senior Executive for Business Systems Development, NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Limited.